The first post and nothing serious.

Huh, this time, i'll get serious. Ironically.

When there is a way of self-expression, why not try Blogspot? Because i'm in the mood that's why. Trust that when there is a will, there should be a way.

There is me recently been obsessed with Irish music recently, and i'm especially awed by this one - Cry of the Celts by Lord of the Dance.

Being an obsessive music addict, my search led me to a torrent file which allowed me a full access to the songs from this musical production called Lord of the Dance, led, founded, choreographed by Michael Flatley. If you do not fancy guys in tight shirts and tight pants, perhaps Micheal Flatley is not what you can see the person doing the best in your fashion directory. But the tap-dancing, choreography and synchronization - wonderfully awesome. Recent interest cultivated by the recent download of "The best of Melodic Celtic music" - and yea; imagine my ecstacy.

Then again - i need more researching for deeper and more obsessive understanding on what Irish and Celtic music differs in.

Disclaimer: Downloading is illegal.

Saturday, February 16, 2008