So you want to save videos.

This is something exclusively made for JooTheng. 

Ok, to save a video, first open up your Youtube tab on Firefox. The one thing you need to know is this:

Then you open a new tab, and the type on the url bar like this:

After that, copy the url of the youtube video, and paste to keepvid. like this:

Then click on "download" and this will appear.

Then, a pop-up will appear, click yes and check the box "run this everytime" and it will be smoother later. Save the video, and you're done.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The UGLY Truth

Where you get rejected for being ugly

Attention ladies and gentlemen, if you're not beautiful, don't even bother trying.

The site in question is a very self-serving, and apparently is the sexiest website in the world right now, or according to to CNN it is. A few things about the site:

1. It's a dating site. (How is that different from you ask? Read below!)
2. It's a dating site for elite, beautiful people. (Ugh, it's discriminating.. or is it?)
3. It's a dating site for people who are naturally inclined to beauty.

So the gist is that the whole thing works this way: You apply online, and then the members will be given 48 hours to vote if you're beautiful enough (very democratic, no?), and if you are, congratulations! You're certified beautiful enough to meet beautiful people from all over the world.

You are now allowed to gain access to meeting, dating beautiful people that is also very beautiful and have some beautiful babies! Statistics never lie: is known to quickly and successfully bring people together.

According to the statement, more than 10,000 serious relationships have been founded through

More than 400 beautiful babies have been born to members.

More than 80,000 members have had a romantic interlude through, the statement said.

See? I'm sorry peeps, but it's the ugly truth of survival that the world needs less of ugly people. I mean, it's natural, right? Survival of the fittest (or in this case, beautiful-est) and the laws of natural selection?

My honest opinion - Give me a break.

To make it sound as being called beauty is the only thing that matters in life ruined my decades of coming to terms with not being categorized as beautiful. Yes, decades, because ugly and fat is probably the worst thing you can tell a girl right in her face, and it's probably what caused the many people I know to sometimes not eat, eat very little, or crazy diets.

I believe that people who experienced oppression are more considerate - because how can they not be? People who had been called ugly will think twice before calling another person that because they know how much it actually hurts. Beautiful people have no qualms calling people ugly because they never knew how is it like being one. Conformity towards societal perception is one of the main causes for social ills, whether you like it or not.

All in all (I have so many things to say about this matter, it's hard to organize my thoughts) I can only say one thing:

If you think looks are the end-all and be-all, you're pretty much losing out on everything the world has to offer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What the hell?

No, just no!

Marry a single mother, and get rewarded!

BUT, but but, the offer's only directed to Kelantan assemblymen.

So horny men throughout Malaysia, you know what to do.

What exactly is wrong with this idea? Everything

Let's dissect the report, shall we?


1. Being a single mother is not a crime!

“This would help to reduce the number of single mothers in the state,” she said in reply to a question by Hassan Mahmood (PAS-Tawang), who had asked what was being done to reduce the number of divorce cases and what efforts were being taken by the state government to help single mothers.

Now you get me, right? Why is it necessary to reduce single mothers? In families we say "let's reduce domestic discord"; in school we say "let's reduce truancy, gangsterism, smoking, etc etc"; in society we say "let's reduce murderers, snatch thieves, robbers, conmen etc etc etc.

Why the hell will someone actually lump single mothers in these categories?

Maybe it's the inadequacy of family institution, maybe it's the perceived higher rate of uhm, how do I put it, unsuccessfully bred children which roots could be traced to not having a father figure. Or maybe it's the misplaced sympathy on single mothers.

But no. They don't rob, they don't intentionally increase harmful incidents in the state by being being a single mother, and they don't, for the love of everything, choose to be one. For one, the notion about single mothers raising children inadequately is a load of bull - perfect looking families can raise a dangerous criminal as well. Put simply, just because you bleed from cutting yourself with a potato knife, doesn't mean everything sharp is a threat to human lives.

2. Go for the root, not the consequence!

She said one dilemma facing some single mothers in Kelantan and the country as a whole was that many of them could not register at the Welfare Department or related agencies because their husbands had left them without filing for divorce.

See, they do understand the reason why single mothers are having a hard time.

Objectifying them using misplaced sympathy? Double the pain. Not only you're subjecting them (single mothers) to the whims of men once again, it's making them a prize.

Husbands left them without filing for divorce? Make it a crime for the husbands to do so.

Letting the irresponsible run free and grant them objectifying sympathy? TRIPLE.

3. Single mothers need support, not sympathy.

Please do not associate sympathy with support - support is a form of help, sympathy is a form of emotional relativity. You can sympathize without helping but you can support with no sympathy.

I'd rather have the latter, and I suppose this move is doing the former.

To strengthen my point?

..suggestion drew support from backbenchers -- all of them men -- who started thumping their palms on the table at the Kelantan State Assembly on Wednesday.

Need I say more?

In short - what misogyny.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Redundancy is relevant

So uhm, like everyone could see, I am a bad blogger. For someone who claims that the one thing she could die doing is writing, I am terrible with blogging obligations. I never cared if anyone reads it, I never bothered reading others (unless I feel like keeping up with them or they are some strangers in a foreign land talking about things that interests me and/or prying on my sisters) - in short, it never matters to me. 

So er, why would this post be irrelevant? 

Because it will be where I rant about my discontent for the increasing trends of poses like this in every freaking profile of everyone: 

Yes peeps. It's the wave of Asian Poses that is sweeping unapologetically. (My apologies goes to whoever's picture got posted in this humble little rant of mine) It attacked the little girls in their tweens trying to look cuter than they already are, semi-teenage girls testing their phone cameras, teenage girls attempting to get guys by looking cute and being cool doing it, and post-teenage almost-adults never wanting to grow up. I'm not trying to demean everyone who does it, but it's annoying to the eyes because it's neither stylish nor natural. 

Those with any expertise on self-portrait will of course, defy everything that's written here. "Gimme a break, it's self-expression!" or maybe, meaner, "You're old, and you can't accept new trends". 

All I can say is well - you don't look in the least pretty in it, so why bother? 

I really hope it remains as a trend that will come and go fast. I genuinely love fashion and prided myself in having a sensible taste; however, I also believe in self-expression that genuinely express yourself. Poses like that makes me think of people who are not acting silly for the heck of it, but people who genuinely thinks that ONLY flattering pictures of themselves are any form of self-expression. Whatever happened to sincere-looking smiles? Pictures are things that you use to reminisce.

"Ah, that's sweet of me back then."

"Oh wow, I didn't realize how fat I was last time."

'Holy, I looked like a total nerd."

But what can you reminisce from these pictures with pseudo-cutesy poses? 

"Dude, was that me?"

"Shit, you don't look like yourself at all.'

With that, I take my leave. Will blog about something serious tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I want it end now.

I'm getting the feeling that I'm a nasty person to choose as a blogger. It's not my way of expressing ideas, thoughts - but it's for me to rant. And I just happened to be a far more eloquent posted when I'm pissed than anything.

I woke up today with a feverish state of body. Cold but not cold yet. Feeling sick but not sick yet.  A thought came across me that perhaps it's an unknown and yet to be curable ailment that renders me workable. Only sickly workable. Needless to say, lab session failed, and then the emo session begins. As much as I went on about creating datas for the subjective aspects of my thesis, when it comes down to it, I'm a pretty honest person. Thanks to my own ego that had somewhat commissioned an individualistic sense of honour that abides to no one but my own screwed up flow of logic. 

Probably at best at certain times, but I'm certain that it's the worst this time. Not only that I felt guilty about conjuring things up in places that might matter, but also an automatic self-condemning system would be activated. This is when I will be remembering how much I failed in certain times, how much of a useless jerk I am, what are the regrets I have. Granted this feeling probably does not last longer than a few days, but when it comes, it's nothing to shout about. Cue: complete loss of appetite, bad health, sudden shrinkage (a friend told me that it was obvious that I lost some weight), mood swings, erratic sleeping patterns, and the desire to burn (verbally) everyone who expressed immense hatred for things that I like.

I want an end to the pre-graduation struggle and get a job quickly. I know one could never be prepared enough for what's out there waiting, and I know I would miss the college life like hell when I left it for whatever I get later on. Things are just shitty and I'd rather be earning money than to sit around wasting my own health for something that might not even matter come this convocation. 

Say, if for example, instead of working as someone in the Science field, I ended up as the marketing staff. 

Hypothetically, of course. Though I am putting some efforts into applying for a job in publishing and journalism. Who know? 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Such is University life?

I was actually contemplating on whether to update or not, I seriously have nothing to update other than senselessly ranting about how it seemed like forever before I could actually finish my stuff. I actually used to think that blogging is about self-absorbed. However, later I realized that it's actually rather intriguing to have a space in the interweb dedicated to how you view the world - and that's what I would like my blogs to be. On how I would like the world to change. 

For all big talks that I just said, I would probably have to wait for a little while longer - all those hours slaving over stuffs that are as menial matters like typing notes for all other people to take later on; or even doing labs on results in which I would have to invent for the sake of accuracy or lack thereof; or maybe get myself absorbed in yet another series, manga, anime, or book? Reading the news always make me feel small. Like what I go through everyday is a simple matter of routine; not in anyway a form of distress at all. So what if I were to stay overnight in a lab for a thesis work? That's in no way even remotely comparable to living in the danger zone, hearing bullets zooming over my head or getting earthquakes so often, it's becoming a part of life. Way, way more privileged than that.

For most of the time, however, if you ask me if there is anything I ever regretted? Was that I did nothing for the bigger cause. None the energy and none the materialistic ability to do so. Some people might think that it's an understandable reason - but for me it's an excuse. A treason against the greatness that they have been bestowed upon. Clearly, while inabilities to provide materialistic aid might seemed to spell an end of concern for the worldwide suffering, the best anyone could ever do was to be aware of what is actually happening. 

My point? There's so many ignorant people in the national university, it's not even funny. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

| Relief |

This probably is the last of the academic-related rants I'll be posting in many months to come.

So yea.

Met my thesis supervisor. Tell her that I'm changing my thesis supervisor. Well aware that I might have to extend another semester and graduate a year later.

She knew it. Pre-informed before I went to tell her straight to her face, tell her from my very mouth.

I personally think that it is a good move, since you will be pressurized unnecessary and I still wouldn't like your work anyway.

She gave me advises on how I'm going to go after this, who should I take. What will be a better choice for me.

We parted in good terms. No bad blood exchanged. No yelling. Good for her, good for me.

Dear lord, I love her. She is back to the lecturer I had deeply respected, and had hated because of what happened in thesis-based relationship.

Thank you. I'll take your advises.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for restoring my respect for you.

I'm sorry to have disappointed you, and I'm glad that we parted in good terms.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008