The UGLY Truth

Where you get rejected for being ugly

Attention ladies and gentlemen, if you're not beautiful, don't even bother trying.

The site in question is a very self-serving, and apparently is the sexiest website in the world right now, or according to to CNN it is. A few things about the site:

1. It's a dating site. (How is that different from you ask? Read below!)
2. It's a dating site for elite, beautiful people. (Ugh, it's discriminating.. or is it?)
3. It's a dating site for people who are naturally inclined to beauty.

So the gist is that the whole thing works this way: You apply online, and then the members will be given 48 hours to vote if you're beautiful enough (very democratic, no?), and if you are, congratulations! You're certified beautiful enough to meet beautiful people from all over the world.

You are now allowed to gain access to meeting, dating beautiful people that is also very beautiful and have some beautiful babies! Statistics never lie: is known to quickly and successfully bring people together.

According to the statement, more than 10,000 serious relationships have been founded through

More than 400 beautiful babies have been born to members.

More than 80,000 members have had a romantic interlude through, the statement said.

See? I'm sorry peeps, but it's the ugly truth of survival that the world needs less of ugly people. I mean, it's natural, right? Survival of the fittest (or in this case, beautiful-est) and the laws of natural selection?

My honest opinion - Give me a break.

To make it sound as being called beauty is the only thing that matters in life ruined my decades of coming to terms with not being categorized as beautiful. Yes, decades, because ugly and fat is probably the worst thing you can tell a girl right in her face, and it's probably what caused the many people I know to sometimes not eat, eat very little, or crazy diets.

I believe that people who experienced oppression are more considerate - because how can they not be? People who had been called ugly will think twice before calling another person that because they know how much it actually hurts. Beautiful people have no qualms calling people ugly because they never knew how is it like being one. Conformity towards societal perception is one of the main causes for social ills, whether you like it or not.

All in all (I have so many things to say about this matter, it's hard to organize my thoughts) I can only say one thing:

If you think looks are the end-all and be-all, you're pretty much losing out on everything the world has to offer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009