What the hell?

No, just no!

Marry a single mother, and get rewarded!

BUT, but but, the offer's only directed to Kelantan assemblymen.

So horny men throughout Malaysia, you know what to do.

What exactly is wrong with this idea? Everything

Let's dissect the report, shall we?


1. Being a single mother is not a crime!

“This would help to reduce the number of single mothers in the state,” she said in reply to a question by Hassan Mahmood (PAS-Tawang), who had asked what was being done to reduce the number of divorce cases and what efforts were being taken by the state government to help single mothers.

Now you get me, right? Why is it necessary to reduce single mothers? In families we say "let's reduce domestic discord"; in school we say "let's reduce truancy, gangsterism, smoking, etc etc"; in society we say "let's reduce murderers, snatch thieves, robbers, conmen etc etc etc.

Why the hell will someone actually lump single mothers in these categories?

Maybe it's the inadequacy of family institution, maybe it's the perceived higher rate of uhm, how do I put it, unsuccessfully bred children which roots could be traced to not having a father figure. Or maybe it's the misplaced sympathy on single mothers.

But no. They don't rob, they don't intentionally increase harmful incidents in the state by being being a single mother, and they don't, for the love of everything, choose to be one. For one, the notion about single mothers raising children inadequately is a load of bull - perfect looking families can raise a dangerous criminal as well. Put simply, just because you bleed from cutting yourself with a potato knife, doesn't mean everything sharp is a threat to human lives.

2. Go for the root, not the consequence!

She said one dilemma facing some single mothers in Kelantan and the country as a whole was that many of them could not register at the Welfare Department or related agencies because their husbands had left them without filing for divorce.

See, they do understand the reason why single mothers are having a hard time.

Objectifying them using misplaced sympathy? Double the pain. Not only you're subjecting them (single mothers) to the whims of men once again, it's making them a prize.

Husbands left them without filing for divorce? Make it a crime for the husbands to do so.

Letting the irresponsible run free and grant them objectifying sympathy? TRIPLE.

3. Single mothers need support, not sympathy.

Please do not associate sympathy with support - support is a form of help, sympathy is a form of emotional relativity. You can sympathize without helping but you can support with no sympathy.

I'd rather have the latter, and I suppose this move is doing the former.

To strengthen my point?

..suggestion drew support from backbenchers -- all of them men -- who started thumping their palms on the table at the Kelantan State Assembly on Wednesday.

Need I say more?

In short - what misogyny.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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zeemi said...

Good rant. Politicians can be idiots.