Redundancy is relevant

So uhm, like everyone could see, I am a bad blogger. For someone who claims that the one thing she could die doing is writing, I am terrible with blogging obligations. I never cared if anyone reads it, I never bothered reading others (unless I feel like keeping up with them or they are some strangers in a foreign land talking about things that interests me and/or prying on my sisters) - in short, it never matters to me. 

So er, why would this post be irrelevant? 

Because it will be where I rant about my discontent for the increasing trends of poses like this in every freaking profile of everyone: 

Yes peeps. It's the wave of Asian Poses that is sweeping unapologetically. (My apologies goes to whoever's picture got posted in this humble little rant of mine) It attacked the little girls in their tweens trying to look cuter than they already are, semi-teenage girls testing their phone cameras, teenage girls attempting to get guys by looking cute and being cool doing it, and post-teenage almost-adults never wanting to grow up. I'm not trying to demean everyone who does it, but it's annoying to the eyes because it's neither stylish nor natural. 

Those with any expertise on self-portrait will of course, defy everything that's written here. "Gimme a break, it's self-expression!" or maybe, meaner, "You're old, and you can't accept new trends". 

All I can say is well - you don't look in the least pretty in it, so why bother? 

I really hope it remains as a trend that will come and go fast. I genuinely love fashion and prided myself in having a sensible taste; however, I also believe in self-expression that genuinely express yourself. Poses like that makes me think of people who are not acting silly for the heck of it, but people who genuinely thinks that ONLY flattering pictures of themselves are any form of self-expression. Whatever happened to sincere-looking smiles? Pictures are things that you use to reminisce.

"Ah, that's sweet of me back then."

"Oh wow, I didn't realize how fat I was last time."

'Holy, I looked like a total nerd."

But what can you reminisce from these pictures with pseudo-cutesy poses? 

"Dude, was that me?"

"Shit, you don't look like yourself at all.'

With that, I take my leave. Will blog about something serious tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009