Such is University life?

I was actually contemplating on whether to update or not, I seriously have nothing to update other than senselessly ranting about how it seemed like forever before I could actually finish my stuff. I actually used to think that blogging is about self-absorbed. However, later I realized that it's actually rather intriguing to have a space in the interweb dedicated to how you view the world - and that's what I would like my blogs to be. On how I would like the world to change. 

For all big talks that I just said, I would probably have to wait for a little while longer - all those hours slaving over stuffs that are as menial matters like typing notes for all other people to take later on; or even doing labs on results in which I would have to invent for the sake of accuracy or lack thereof; or maybe get myself absorbed in yet another series, manga, anime, or book? Reading the news always make me feel small. Like what I go through everyday is a simple matter of routine; not in anyway a form of distress at all. So what if I were to stay overnight in a lab for a thesis work? That's in no way even remotely comparable to living in the danger zone, hearing bullets zooming over my head or getting earthquakes so often, it's becoming a part of life. Way, way more privileged than that.

For most of the time, however, if you ask me if there is anything I ever regretted? Was that I did nothing for the bigger cause. None the energy and none the materialistic ability to do so. Some people might think that it's an understandable reason - but for me it's an excuse. A treason against the greatness that they have been bestowed upon. Clearly, while inabilities to provide materialistic aid might seemed to spell an end of concern for the worldwide suffering, the best anyone could ever do was to be aware of what is actually happening. 

My point? There's so many ignorant people in the national university, it's not even funny. 

Friday, April 3, 2009