| Relief |

This probably is the last of the academic-related rants I'll be posting in many months to come.

So yea.

Met my thesis supervisor. Tell her that I'm changing my thesis supervisor. Well aware that I might have to extend another semester and graduate a year later.

She knew it. Pre-informed before I went to tell her straight to her face, tell her from my very mouth.

I personally think that it is a good move, since you will be pressurized unnecessary and I still wouldn't like your work anyway.

She gave me advises on how I'm going to go after this, who should I take. What will be a better choice for me.

We parted in good terms. No bad blood exchanged. No yelling. Good for her, good for me.

Dear lord, I love her. She is back to the lecturer I had deeply respected, and had hated because of what happened in thesis-based relationship.

Thank you. I'll take your advises.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for restoring my respect for you.

I'm sorry to have disappointed you, and I'm glad that we parted in good terms.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008